Sunday, March 11, 2007

Spring is here in full bloom...

March 11, 2007

We had my parents up for Brunch's always nice when they are here. Dad eats well, enjoys the boys and the cats and then wants to leave. LOL! Mom and I talk as fast as we can in hopes of getting it all said before Dad insists on leaving. And of course, we never get it all!

I tried out a recipe from IronChef on FoodTV and it was a spin on the simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich morphed to french toast and drizzled with warm grape jelly. It was great!

Later in the day after Mom and Dad left, Hubby cooked steaks and hot dogs on the grill, it was fabulous outside, breezy; just a great relaxing day.

I have some different things going on this week. Need to finish painting the dining room chairs white so we can have a pretty table for Easter lunch. I've got some other things going on but most exciting is my decals I'll be putting on ebay the end of March.

I LOVE these decals!! They were taken from my artwork ...different things I painted and turned over to a graphics person to make into decorative elements that are fast and most of all FUN to use! More on that later...Daylight Saving time will have me moaning at 6am tomorrow, so I'm headed for some Zzzz.

Have a great week!