Friday, July 20, 2012

Guest Designer Martica!

I am so honored to present this month's Designer!  She is marvelously talented and flexible in her approach, no matter what she does the results are AMAZING!

A little background....I asked her to take my sewing machine album, put her artistic talents to work.  I sent her a mixed bag of stuff with the instructions to use ANY or NONE of it.

I love her work, her sweet spirit, her kind nature and ANYthing she makes!

I'm thrilled to Introduce: Martica!

Hi my name is Martica I have been happily married for 31 years and have 2 adult sons and one grandson. I live in sunny Florida and enjoy the beach and bike riding with hubby. I have always been creating since I was a child from drawing to crochet and cross stitching. I started with different mediums but when I tried scrapbooking in 1982 I did it because my 1st son was born and took 100's of pictures that I had no idea what to do with them. I used colored pencils and drew my own designs in album. I continued scrapbooking when my 2nd son was born but I stopped a few years later. Then my grandson was born in 2005 and I decided to start the hobby again I was so surprised to see what awesome stuff was out there for scrapbooking that I dove in heads first. I have not stopped since. I started out doing layouts, then creating mini albums and now I also alter and do mixed media.

AND, Martica altered a cigar box for the Sewing Machine is a sneak peak:

Beautiful work!!

Thank you Martica!

More from Martica:
My favorite style is shabby chic, vintage and victorien but I do enjoy trying different styles and ideas. Usually a paperline or a particular color/s inspire me to create. I can be watching t.v. and suddenly an idea will pop into my head and I would drop everything and start creating. When I start I have a general idea of what I want to do, then as I go along ideas will come to me and I continue creating.
I want to thank Melissa for inviting me to be a guest designer, I am very honored. She is a very talented artist so when she asked me I could not believe it. She designed a cool vintage sewing machine chipboard album that is awesome. I had to give it a try, it was so much fun to alter. It brought back memories of when my mother would sew for my sisters and I in the 60's. I went and did a retro theme style on album. I added lots of tags, buttons, trims, ribbon and even a little fabric, some which were included in kit that Melissa sent me. I then decided to add a (cigar box) to stand album on, that you have got to see. I will be posting pictures in my blog, and a video in my YT channel soon. Thanks again Melissa and thanks to everyone for visiting..
 Don't you LOVE her style?!?

Be sure to drop by her lovely blog:

And, Click here for Martica's YouTube channel where she will be posting the sewing machine album and her Altered Cigar Box.
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