Sunday, December 7, 2008

All things Sparkly

"In the end...sparkly will always win." TheCottageRose

It was 11 years ago we had one of those BIG white trees that was as wide as it was tall and it was beautiful loaded with all the Victorian Roses, Burgundy Vintage looking ornaments and Pink and Gold balls with glitter and ribbons. Two moves and one bad fall 5 years ago left us without a tree.

Since then we have had a variety of green trees small to tall, somewhat leaning, sparse in areas, grace our living room. 'Christmas Twigs' they were labeled by the two younger males. It was their way of saying my frugal reuse of past decorations and hand-me-down trees were just not cutting it.

I had to agree. Saturday Mr. Rose I began earnestly looking for a white tree. There simply were none over 3 feet tall! Until finally we landed at Big Lots and found this sweet little 6 footer, narrow diameter (which I prefer) iridescent white tree. It was smaller than what we were looking for, but with none to be found elsewhere it became our new Christmas Tree!

Garden Ridge had a sale on Ornaments so we headed over there and found all the sparkly, dangly, shiny, pretty, shimmery ornaments in every color imaginable! I wanted watery greens, blues and plums. And I love the way it turned out. Simple, sparkly, with butterflies and baubles.

Called my very traditional mom to tell her about the new tree and baubles, butterflies and sparklies.

"Hmm...Butterflies" she said. Then added, "Well at least you don't have grapes hanging off it."

I laughed, "You'll love the Butterflies!" She'll be here for Christmas Brunch next weekend. Maybe she won't notice the grapes...