Monday, October 8, 2007

Well, it's back on the wagon for me!

Two posts in one day,!

Honestly, is there anyone who doesn't think they are fat? And with it being Monday, the true diet starter day, I crawled back on the wagon with the same efforts that were VERY successful for me last week. I was 'focused' (my new word for 'good') all last week but the weekend was a challenge...I know to be prepared next weekend.

Pizza Friday night, Mexican food with a dear friend on Saturday, Apple Crisp on Sunday. Ugh! One of the things I realized while scarfing down that pizza Friday night was that MY Crustless Skillet Pizza was SO much better than Pizza Hit Delivery!

So I made one today...sliced it and bagged it in meal size portions and popped it into the fridge.

I am Low-Carbing but not being crazy about it. I think we all have to find that happy medium of what really works for us so we CAN maintain our 'focus'. Here is the recipe from my personal cook book...

In a skillet over medium heat add...
2 Tablespoons Olive Oil
1/2 large onion chopped, simmer till tender
1/2 can (15 oz) black olives chopped or sliced...added to onions once they are soft.
1/2 can 8oz. Tomato Sauce (OR you could use any NON sugar based pizza/spag sauce)
Add to Tomato Sauce:
1 packet Nutrasweet or equivalent
1/4 teaspoon Italian mix herbs
1/8 teaspoon onion powder
1/8 teaspoon garlic powder
Pour Tomato Sauce mix over above ingredients then add..
Pepperoni, as much or little as you like, I pile it on.
Top with:
Mozzarella cheese and Mexican mix melts so smoothly and not as greasy as cheddar, but I used cheddar today.

As this is melting, beat
8 eggs

Then take your spatula and pat down to make everything level, use a fork to make 8 or so small holes in the skillet mixture so the eggs can find their way to the bottom.

Now pour the eggs over the skillet mixture taking care to fill in the little holes...if this doesn't happen as nicely as you want it too, then lean the pan and let the eggs run under the skillet mixture while lifting the edges with a spatula.

Let it simmer for a few minutes. Some of the cheese will be melted and bubbbling. When the edges look like an omlette and most of the cheese is melting, then turn the broiler on low and slip the skillet inside the oven. Keep a watch until the top of the Pizza is browned to your liking.

I may put a protector over my skillet handle depending on which skillet I use, so think if your handle needs a cover.

Remove from the broiler, take a photo, slice into 4 or 6 pieces, depending on how much you want, place on your Royal Winton Pastelware trimmed in gold, grab your gold flatware, take another photo, then enjoy! Truthfully, when no one is looking I throw it on a paper plate and eat with a plastic!

There are quality Carbs in this, about 30 carbs in the whole thing. So, 7.5 per serving. 4 servings.

I hope you enjoy this like I do.

Happy day,

Yummy! ....and about sharing that poetry... And LOOSING

Last week I strolled over to Daisy Cottage where she never fails to delight readers with photos of her lovely cottage and decorating and recipes. And indeed that day she had posted a recipe for an Apple Crisp that seemed like the Perfect way to get the Scent of Fall into my home.

So it was that on Sunday morning after Mr. Rose had taken me to breakfast and a trip to the grocery store, I pulled out my old Corning ware casserole and made that very Apple Crisp. I first put down the canned Comstock apples, then sprinkled heavily with cinnamon, then the sugar, and because I couldn't find the Jiffy cake mix, I used half a Betty Crocker (pudding in the mix) yellow cake mix, then lavished it all with butter. baked for 50 minutes, because my younger males don't eat nuts. It smelled heavenly cooking!

Served up on my Fallish snack set with Roses and my gold flatware, with half-n-half in my coffee, it was Total Indulgence! And Delicious! I told Mr. Rose if he found me passed out in a Diabetic comma it is because I just needed more Apple!

It was SO YUMMY!! Thanks Kim!

I also wanted to say thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. It is so fun to visit with each of you! I feel like you dropped by my house for a quick 'hello'. As to sharing my poetry in the last blog...

I can't share any of my poetry. As a teen in high school is was like bearing my soul! I would only share with those who wrote poetry. They were literary friends, I suppose. And I kept it all in a red pocket paper folder buried in a drawer in my desk. It was safe there. When I transfered universities I took that folder, bulging and in need of tidying up, to my new place. That semester I took First Aid...I think it was the only class available and I had to have it for some strange reason. Anyway, after the semester was over I did the 'trash-thing'...threw away my boyfriend (should have left him in the trash but that damn telephone did me in), threw away all my papers and syllabi, all the old notebooks, and my First Aid folder that happened to be in a Red paper pocket folder.

My poetry folder went back in my desk at home, not to be reviewed for 18 months.

Then, in my new apartment with my first job and a new desk to arrange in a second bedroom I retrieved the poetry folder and sat in my bean bag chair in a little corner perfectly laid out for reading and opened the folder to find it was my First Aid folder, not my poetry folder. I was devastated! I tore through everything and the reality was simple. All my poetry and the poetry of friends was in a trash pile somewhere along with my papers and syllabi. I haven't written poetry since. It was a sudden stop at the end of a very fast ride.

Now let me tell you one other little story. YEARS ago my aunt realized she would never have a certain topaz placed in a setting. It had been given to her by her X husband and she was married now to my uncle. On my 16th birthday, she gave me that stone. It was huge and clear and was my birthstone and one day....I could have it set in a beautiful mounting.


One day I would have an old box from my old days with stuff I never went through. That day I would be moving. The men had packed up our house and were pulling out and the new owners of our house had arrived to take possession. I watched my husband drag that box to the street where a small pile of trash would be picked up the next morning. Of course you know what was in that box.

If I had the choice of having one of the two back I would go with the poetry.

Oh well, staying detached is best. We all loose small pieces of ourselves in this life. Wouldn't it be grand if we could loose weight as carelessly as I tossed those items in the trash? LOL!

Hugs to each of you,