Saturday, October 30, 2010

Getting Ready for Fall

Are you having those beautiful Fall mornings? Are the leaves turning beautiful shades where you live? Our first nice cool morning was Friday and today there was actually frost on the roof tops! So exciting to finally wave those upper 80 temperatures goodbye for a few months! Hubby and I ran errands and ended up at Michael's. We went in for glue and came out with a precious Feather Tree!

We wanted to set up the dining room for Thanksgiving and I am hoping to make a card out of one of the photos to use as invitations/greeting card...

Usually the first table is against the wall and holds desserts and such but Hubby liked the idea of it pulled out into the room.

This is the first year I have used the Fall houses and I love them! There is a church in the center and a house, the others are a cider mill, pumpkin patch and grocery store. I can see where collecting houses can get way out of hand! Who can avoid buying just One More? The mirrors are so very old and weather'd but I love 'em.

Here is the house and the church...

and the Cider Mill and Produce stand...we don't have many of these in Texas but Starbucks has an awesome pumpkin latte. I suppose we grab those Blissful moments however we can, where we can...then hold them dear.

Hubby saw it before I did. He is just that amazing. So he decided I need a white feather tree for my Birthday. No way was I going to say no...I love the way it looks with the fall leaves woven throughout.

Think I'll leave this up year around and change it out with the different holidays.

And one day, maybe my little grandkids will step up to my grandmothers sideboard, now painted white, and will play with the little people and animals in the scene and wonder about them.

Happy Fall, Y'all!


Soon as I hit the publish button I realized I hadn't hung up my sign that JenniferB made.

So, here is the way the dining room looks now...

AND....since I didn't get a good photo of the little 'tree skirt' wrapped around the feather tree, I had to retake that photo, too. Made it last year from a pattern mimicking a Cathedral Window quilt. Have it on Etsy, reworked so it doesn't pucker in the middle and boy does it go together fast!

Enlarge that photo with the sign, I love the way she did it. She needs a blog...I'll run tell back soon.