Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thanksgiving Table Runner and a New Twist

When I visited BFF last time we popped into Wally World for some items and I picked up E-6000 to glue the wood and mirror together from an old...OLD vanity. I cleaned up the mirrors, glued them well and the next day hung them beside this old ceiling tin.

I like the darker tone against the celadon walls and the lighter tones of the room.

The Thanksgiving Table runner turned out perfectly sized for the table.

Last year I picked up chunky glittered gold pillars for the table but the plaid table cloth and simple runner, candles and little amber prisms on the chandelier seemed quite enough.

The tapers I use every year along with the crystal.

I would love to have an assortment of plates for each season but I already have three sets and no butler's pantry just yet. So, the simple solution was to get pretty paper plates and set my clear glass plates over them! It looked nicer than I thought it would with the coordinating napkins and dessert plates.

What do you think?

And just in time for the Thanksgiving Holiday we had a cold snap and I caught a glimpse of the Fall tones scattered across our little crepe myrtle tree. This is its second Fall and the colors were amazing in shades of amber, rust, copper and a hint of plum.

Having walked through the dark days of unemployment and under employment, I receive comfort looking at this fabulous Creation we are blessed to enjoy, this Earth we walk. ...My prayers are with those whose family may be in Iraq or unable to come 'Home' and for those unemployed and/or struggling. May God bless each of you.