Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Two Teeth are gone

Yesterday I went to see a really amazing dental surgeon. I am told he has 2 PhDs and teaches at two between he does what dental surgeons do.

My appointment started by swallowing 2 Atavans. WOW! Reminds me of the Demerol when I had my last son.

My younger son took me to the doctor, thought that was so sweet. I think my older son felt like I was showing favoritism but I told him I still remember when we were at that mall in D.C. and when I tripped he, stood a safe distance away and just let me stumble, wave my arms wildly and flail about, never trying to help me, while a tour bus stopped to watch...thought I'd never find my'm sure it was quite a sight as son was laughing hysterically when I looked back to where he was standing.

My younger son is BIG and can easily steady me...even though I am quite fluffy. So I chose him.

I don't remember too much about the visit. I remember offering the surgeon an Atavan if he did a good job. He laughed, said he would do a good job without! Can't believe I did that!

Then I remember being in the waiting room afterward while Carolyn, who is FABULOUS, told me to do this and that, I nodded politely, good grief what was she saying? My son asked a few questions, they chatted and we made it home.

Fortunately, I made half the soup before I left home that older son finished it and made corn bread...he is a sweetheart and will do such things.

Hubby was there when I got home and helped me into my night gown, set me up on the bed and went to get something for me...who knows what it was.

I woke up in the middle of the night sideways in the bed, to my younger son giving me Advil...see how sweet he is?

Next day I asked hubby why he didn't tell me to lay down properly so I wouldn't roll off the bed and hurt myself, he said he knew I wouldn't. Hmmm...or he was hoping to collect my life insurance? LOL!

Younger son asked if hubby had given me my 7:30am meds. No. Apparently he forgot. He's been a little stressed, really, he has. I do call him Butt from time to time...I just can't help it, ya know?

Anyway, went back this past week and am healing well. Have to go back again Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Just to make sure.

And the lady who takes you money is into PINK! She found a sparkly Pink stapler, calculator, tape dispenser...oh, I wanted it so bad!

All in all I am SO glad I wasn't living Way Back When and that I had a very competent surgeon who could get those two teeth out for me...did I tell you the back tooth had three pins from a root canal gone very badly? One of the pins had gone through the tooth and was causing a bit of infection at the base of the tooth.

SO nice not to deal with that anymore!

Hope your teeth are in good shape for Holiday Smiles and photos,

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Hobbit Foot returns

Ok, So I was still bruising everytime I put on yesterday I went to see Doc Gorgeous.

He asked what happened and I told him a bottle of beer fell out of the top shelf of the fridge some how and landed on my foot.

He said that is why we buy Light beer. LOL!

Apparently I have no broken bones. May have a broken capillary or two that bleed when locked up in my poorly fitting shoes...ugh! So, now I have to be fitted for new shoes at the New Balance store...or any shoe on that list in my purse. I'm going barefoot again at home and the foot seems to be doing better. My current New Balances are just fine so I am going to give it time to heal up and see how it goes. Mainly cause I want other things right now than new shoes for that foot.

I'm going to see if Santa brings me a pair first, he, of all people, should know if the shoe is properly fitting or not, doncha think?

So that is where we are with the Hobbit foot.

I knew you were wondering. :)

Oh, and tomorrow I get two teeth pulled...should be fun. LOL!


Monday, October 26, 2009

Fabulous Fun at BFF's Home

Last Friday afternoon I hit the highways and had a lovely drive to my BFF's place.

It was a balmy sunny day, the lakes were lovely, the traffic tame and I arrived at her school just as school was about to let out. I was invited inside to meet 8 sweet children, really, really cute kids. Respectful, smiling, a little glint of fun sparkling in their eyes, it was great!

Then she and I wandered through Brookshire's. She showed me different sauces and food to give my cooking a super charge and then we went home to her place on half an acre.

Once I rolled out of the city there was a peace, an exhale of stress. But nothing can match sitting on the back deck of BFF's home. Never mind when you pull into her driveway the cell phone automatically looses contact, it matters not...the trees in her backyard are tall and the sound of the breeze ruffles the leaves...Peace, pure peace to my heart.

Back inside, we chopped red onions, garlic, roasted corn her Hubby had just taken off the grill (and he chopped the onions so we wouldn't cry...sweet huh?) , rotisserie chicken, fresh green peppers and threw all that into a big saute pan with black beans to simmer. Talk about a fabulous fragrance filling the kitchen!

While all that simmered, she threw all this in a beautiful bowl.

Letting that chill, she threw flour tortillas on a baking sheet to crisp in the oven then she added the saute ingredients to each tortilla, topped with an assortment of cheeses and then back into the oven to melt.

Her older son, her hubby and I were patiently waiting to fill our plates. Not! Look at that cheese! Didn't take us long to fill our plates.

The next day we made nachos out of the left overs...YUM!

And ya know what?

She hooked me up with WOW...World of WarCraft...yep, I have a rockin' troll or elf...wherever, she is thin and can kill scorpions and wander through an amazingly beautiful world! It's a trial now but I will probably get the whole set up. You would NOT believe how much time flies when you are playing this game! And it is a great way for us to hook up during the week and visit.

Friday, October 2, 2009

A bit of Normal

I'm not feeling up to a quilting session or cleaning up the house just yet. But I am able to embroider those pumpkin drawings I showed a few posts back.

Turned out really cute!

You can see in the raw drawing that I included lots of curlicues. They are much easier drawn or painted than embroidered...those curlicues get shortened and/or eliminated at!

Orange isn't my favorite color so I chose to embroider the 8 pumpkins in 4 colors plum, burgundy, dark cinnamon and straight up pumpkin. Two shades of green provide contrast and accents on each piece.

They should look nice on the table runner for Thanksgiving.

Embroidery is very time consuming but should be pretty for years to come and if handled well, an heirloom. So I am wanting to make these as nice as possible.
Another help to me has be the Online Retreats the Texas Quilter group has the first of the month. Gives us a chance to plan and set goals and work to meet them rather than letting those plans take a place on the back burner.

What are you working on for the Holidays?

Let's see, one done, one ready for the leaves and curliques...6 to go.

That's what I'm up to,