Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Hobbit Foot returns

Ok, So I was still bruising everytime I put on shoes...so yesterday I went to see Doc Gorgeous.

He asked what happened and I told him a bottle of beer fell out of the top shelf of the fridge some how and landed on my foot.

He said that is why we buy Light beer. LOL!

Apparently I have no broken bones. May have a broken capillary or two that bleed when locked up in my poorly fitting shoes...ugh! So, now I have to be fitted for new shoes at the New Balance store...or any shoe on that list in my purse. I'm going barefoot again at home and the foot seems to be doing better. My current New Balances are just fine so I am going to give it time to heal up and see how it goes. Mainly cause I want other things right now than new shoes for that foot.

I'm going to see if Santa brings me a pair first, he, of all people, should know if the shoe is properly fitting or not, doncha think?

So that is where we are with the Hobbit foot.

I knew you were wondering. :)

Oh, and tomorrow I get two teeth pulled...should be fun. LOL!


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