Friday, September 21, 2007

The Anticipated Freshness of Fall

Although temps are still in the 90s, I have started decorating for Fall. I am taking a departure from my usual pale tones and decorating with rich Fall tones of cream, brown, pumpkin, and burgundy. These colors add so much punch and a crispness that says Fall to me.

One of the nicest people gave me an antique Armoire from England. It has amazing carved wood, small grooves, is narrow and perfect for my Dining Area. I painted it a palest green, but it looks white giving a variety of whites to my Gathering Areas.

The table beside the armoire is a curbside find. It has pretty lines and is so chippy! You can see a pink layer of paint under the white layer. I just love it because I can put a plate stand on it with pies for the holidays and use it for serving. Most of the time I have a mirror on top with a crystal service on top to magnify the reflection and with this arrangement I have a crystal pedestal cake plate holding a large cherry flavored candle and the Fall arrangement under the cake plate was .50 at the Thrift store...I LOVE the Thrift Store!

On top of the armoire is a cherished piece of Stained Glass from an old building in Decatur, TX. The flash of the camera really brings out the texture of the glass, It seemed the perfect backdrop for the candles and Fall arrangement...another Thrifts Store find for about $4.

The candlesticks are from my Thrift Shopping Mom, she can find amazing things and knows where all the haunts in Dallas are. She gave me the bobeches draped with prisms for my anniversary one year.

This is a metal Tussie Mussie a friend gave me years ago, it had a beautiful sweet fresh flower bouquet. I love the Babbles and Beads that dangle at the bottom and have added a small fall floral. You can also see more of the texture of this armoire.

I left all the original knobs and details because I just love old things and the way they were crafted. You can see in this photo the details of the hammered metal ring to open the door and the little piece of wood to secure it's closure...I love these details.

On the inside there is a shelf and 5 hooks for hanging clothing. Right now it is full of my cookbooks and extra paper towels. One day soon...there will be jackets and umbrellas hanging on the hooks.

Thanks for sharing a piece of my home and my delight for the upcoming Fall!

Cottage blessings,


  1. Hi Melissa, Just love your fall decorating. The touches of your rich colors look gorgeous against the white. I have to get my fall decorating done. You have inspired me to get busy!

  2. Love it! Especially the armoire! The carving at the top is identical to my corner cabinet. It's good to see you back in Cyber Space. ; )

  3. Isn't it just gorgeous, the colors of fall? I just wish the leaves could stay on the trees for a bit longer, but here they fall to the ground so fast, we don't have the time to get those lovely colors on a picture.
    You've made lovely decorations and together with all the white it looks just great.
    Love Elzie

  4. Hi Melissa - Gosh, that armoire is just gorgeous with all it's detail!!!! Really, I love it! It all looks so nice with your fall touches! Love, Esther

  5. Beautiful! I love your chippy little table.


  6. Hi Melissa! Everything looks soooo pretty! I love fall!! I love the armoire!!!

  7. Hi Melissa, I have tagged you for 7 random things about you that no one knows. Go to my blog to see.