Tuesday, January 8, 2008

As Monday's Go...

...yesterday was a text book case!

Hubby took my son's car to work. I took a quiet moment to catch up on some blog reading when the phone rang. Hubby was stalled on the road. I grab son and phone and insurance and coffee and hit the road. Hubs calls, he got it started and it's now parked in the lot. Call tow truck, he'll see me later. So I got to thinking...this is the perfect time for the car to need work being next Monday my son will be returning to the University.

I have a very good outlook. All things work together for the good and I could definitely see that, so I puttered along, I didn't even know it only had one bar on the phone. So, we pull up to the car. Son gets his stuff out, I call the insurance to confirm towing, yep, got that. Then I notice the bar and my older son called, where's breakfast? (hello, it's 12:30pm!) Ok, that wiped out the phone.

So we are back on the road and the low fuel light comes on. No biggie, all is well, got home, plugged in phone, borrowed other son's phone, called repair shop, called tow truck and gave the address to a distracted dispatcher. That's Norizon not Verizon, they are on the same road of mega-chain office concrete and glass....so please take this address. And, when do I need to be back at the car? Leave key under mat and that's it? Cool!

I drove back to Hubby's work, son put key under mat, double checked the car wasn't locked, grabbed umbrella under the seat, we are good. Pulling out of office park. Back on road, blood pressure normal.

The Tow Guy called to say he was at Verizon and couldn't find the car. Ok, he'd misunderstood the Dispatcher...and he can now see the address AND the car. Great, I say, let me know if you need anything else. Only an hour and half to take care of all that...so far so good! Pulled into driveway, noticed electric meter spinning, moaned at the thought of running the air conditioner in January. Yep, muggy, upper 70s, AC on. Ugh!

Freshened up, got lunch, chatted with sons and laughed and enjoyed having them both home for Christmas break. They rolled around on the ground for a while like 9 year olds playing Brazilian Jujitzu. Lots of name calling, poking fun and brotherly love.

Younger son wants to get his phone while we are running up and down the road, since he lost his over Christmas.

Ok, called to check on the car first. What car,we don't have it. WHAT? Its been 3 hours! Not to worry, he'll check with the Tow Guys and call me right back. After half an hour with no call I decide proactive is better than reactive and since my blood pressure is already elevated, I call the Tow Guys. And held and held and held. Breathing deeply, maintaining sanity and calm. After they checked back with me the 4th time to tell me to keep holding I suggested they just call me when they find my car. I was still smiling. I knew they wouldn't want the thing.

2 hours later the car repair guy called. Seems Tow Guys had taken it to another car repair place, not to worry, he'd call me when they brought it back. 1 hour after that, Tow-Guy calls and says boss wanted him to call and see what I wanted. WHAT! Do you know I have Hot Flashes? At least he wasn't chewing chips in my ear though I did have the impression a crack would show should he bend over and truthfully, I was thankful to have missed that by being on the phone with him rather than in person. "Nothing, thank you...I'm sure it's all fine now." I really wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry, scream or laugh.

On to the phone. Drove to the Meg-Mall Spread. Pretty little brunette let me know that 2 of the phones were still under contract even though the other two phones weren't. And it would be 5 months before I could get new phones, for free. AND, I couldn't be the one to make a decision because the contract is in Hubs name.

I felt Horror Woman wanting to sneak out and 'correct' the situation, to set the young woman straight and demand my free phone! I smiled and said: Let me talk to my husband, since it IS his phone account and I might choose to pay for a MUCH more expensive phone than what he would like me to pay for. My son gave me that look. You know that look. Ok, I'll just see how much that Pink Razor is...$49 with a new 2 year contract. Ok, truthfully, I am thinking a bit of Chocolate will bring clarity and quieten Horror Woman.

Sonic or Starbucks? I ask Son when we are back in the car...he is already silent which means I didn't do 'it' right. Sonic...ok...get T-Mobile on the line while I pull in and you can order me a chocolate cherry limeade.

It's Monday. And, dusk is claiming the day. Horror Woman has agreed to be nice since chocolate is on the way and after explaining to the CS rep TWICE that all I need is a phone for my kid because school starts on Monday I am asked by said T-Mobile CS sweetie if I have had a nice weekend so far. Now how do you answer a question like that?

"Well, it seems to have ended a bit soon. I think I'll just hook up with who ever has the best deal on a new phone and pay out my last 5 months here at T-Mobile so I can get a phone for my son before Monday." Oh, ok, apparently I need a Contract Specialist. I've decided to smile so good chemicals will flow, after all, chocolate has arrived and Son is looking at me as if to say, PLEASE don't mess this up for me! I need good chemicals.

And I just don't want the lecture that will happen all the way home if I cut the call short and decide to take a bubble bath and table the this phone thing till tomorrow! He learned from his mother his long winded 'let me help you understand how things work' approach to child rearing (or mother rearing in this case). And I have a DEEP and abiding need to just get throughthiswholething!!!

Perky Adorable is now on the phone to help me. "I just want this to be EASY, that's all, EASY, I have one lost car that will break my tiny savings account getting repaired should it be found, a kid who will lecture me all the way home if I mess this up and I ONLY want to get a phone!...No TWO phones, it's MY turn!" "...and what kind of phone would you like Melissa??" "I want that pink razor!"

Perky Adorable says: "Excellent choice! and what does your son want?" Me: "Well that flip phone thing like his last one." Her: "in Red or Brown?" Me: "He said Red, please" Her: "Great! and he will need a new Sim card too, got that" Me: silent...I'm getting my razor? Her again: "That will be $1.65 due to tax, sorry about that." Me: Smiling for real, neener-neener, Hubs said I'd have to wait on that razor...lol! "Thanks!"

It's 9 pm, I still haven't heard from the repair place, I'm not calling to see if the car got there, enough is enough for this Monday. I wheel in to pick up Hubs. "How was my day? You want the long or the short version?" "Short? Ok, they'll call about the car later, Son's phone is in the mail and you have chicken teriyaki for dinner." :)


  1. I am so glad to see a new blog and I admire your self-control. I would have been in an E.R. begging for Thorazine after a day like the one you had!!!!
    Glad you got to enjoy your boys, though.

  2. Good grief! Hope you finally got it all straightened out. :o

  3. Some days you just can't win! I really enjoyed the story though.... hope you have recovered and are celebrating your kids back in school. Mine was home for a month and leaves tomorrow and already I am planning to just relax and do what ever I want to do next week!

  4. Oh Melissa!!!
    Very interesting post- had me hooked!!! I hope all has worked out for you!You sure do have alot of patience!!!

  5. Melissa, What a day that was. You are a wonderful story teller. So glad to see your post again.
    Happy New Year too.
    hugs, Celestina

  6. It seems these days are always popping their ugly heads up when you “think” you have your day planned (do they ever really happen the way we plan). Knowing you though, I am sure that this was just one “take a slow breath and OH, REMEMBER TO LET IT OUT!” after another. The good thing about your day is that you didn’t jump your Hubby when he unknowingly asked about your day and…. You enjoyed your boys in the midst of it. You were a good learning example to your younger son of how to deal with these situations and that staying clear and “as calm as possible” can reap it’s own rewards. I am proud of you and know you will face the next challenging day just as bravely. Hopefully that wont be too soon.