Monday, February 11, 2008

Girls Day Out

Photos of the wonderful shops my dear forever friend and I visited are locked in my cell phone. Yes, I know, I should have read the book or carried my camera...WHY didn't I carry my camera?

With or without a camera we had a wonderful day in McKinney, Texas!
We went here first, It's called Design Collection, located on the North East side of the square.
Beauty was everywhere in this shop, a little bit of something for everyone. My dear friend located the perfect cell phone carrier for me and I got some fabulous lotion! It's lavender and mint scented...yum!

She picked up an earthy toned sage pillar candle, it smelled HEAVENLY!

We moved to the other side of the square to a shop that was brimming with one piece of eye candy after another. I managed to escape with my debit card unused but my friend located the sweetest little birds and a nest.

After the birds were safely tucked in a sweet pink bag we toward the quilt shop we passed a beautiful Hearts topiary that was 10 feet tall and had the most amazing cyclamen growing around the base.

While admiring the cyclamen the sparkles from the window display at SHARLA'S caught our eye.

There were shelf liners promising a tea rose sent and rose petal soaps that had me nose to glass when the door flew open and we were lead inside by a sweet angelic pied piper.

Inside there were wonderful smells and bottles but we were captivated by the sparkly things. What we came out of there with were purse hangers.

Glitzy, shimmering, delightful, butterfly encrusted purse holders. We got a matching set that has a burgundy ground (not red like the photo) and they wrapped them in the sweetest burgundy organza bags to carry the purse hangers in our purse without them getting scratched. We LOVE them!

We made it to the quilt store and then headed off to our favorite restaurant for lunch where we had Tortilla soup, guacamole salad, and a hot chocolate ├ęclair.

AND, I got to bring home all the shopping bags! She volunteered, what could I say?


  1. So great to see you. Sounds like you had a wonderful day in McKinney, which is one of my favorite places to shop. Did you go to Clyde's? Lots of goodies to paint on there. Thanks for sharing your fun day.
    La Rea Rose

  2. Sounds like a fun day! That's my phone, by the way! If only I could figure out how to download the pictures!!! I have some on there from a year ago when we were in NYC!
    God bless!

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