Friday, June 5, 2009

Creative Chaos for Pink Saturday

Happy Pink Saturday!

A friend gave me a compliment saying: 'Even when your house is messy it still looks nice.' When I thought about it further it made sense. It's the way I organize my chaos. And believe house can be quite the mess! But to keep my sanity and my projects (magazines, spy novels, holiday note cards, menus, anything!) organized...

I use trays.

It helps me keep what I'm working on in one location. If I want to change locations, I just pick up the tray and off I go. If I know my MIL is on her way over, it's a fast clean up. Just stack them to the side and it looks like you decorate that way!

I keep some stacked in this wicker shelf thing to hold magazine photos I love, card stock, printer paper, colored paper, etc. I also use wooden or metal vintage boxes to organize software, photos, flash drives, etc. My fav is the pink box with roses and the large rose knob. LOVE that knob!

When I sew, I have a tray that has sewing stuff I use all the time. Seam rippers, glue (yes, I sew with!) threads, etc.

This photo shows how I keep templates organized...this is the Faux Cathedral Window template I've covered with pink rose paper and the little squares to finish that project.

Solid colors would be beautiful too! Black or White, Red, Robins egg blue.

Use the trays as part of your decor or stacked in shelves, really keeps things out of site, organized and easy to reach...and it doesn't look too bad just sittin' around.

Why not make up some of these as Mixed Media Art? Decoupage them, add decals, vintage wallpapers, etc. It's really helped me keep up with all my crafty items without loosing my mind...At least I know where stuff is and that is half the game. The other half is making the junque look nice.

Well, that's my two cents for a Pink Saturday!

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Pink Hugs and have a lovely weekend!,


  1. Love all your pretty pink creative organizers!
    Happy Pink Saturday!
    ♥ Teresa

  2. Beautiful pink organizers! What mess!? Pink can never look always looks...intentional!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  3. What a wonderful pink organizers. Love it all.
    Happy pink saturday

    Lots of luv,

  4. Good morning, I'm stopping by to say hello, and Happy Pink Saturday. I love your trays and the idea.

    It's been stormy and rainy here in Southwest Florida. I hope your day is full of sunny skies, warm temps and plenty of Pink!


  5. What pretty ways to keep things tidy! happy Pink Saturday and have a loveleigh weekend!

  6. I love the idea of trays! I use baskets right now, but some of my projects aren't big enough to need a whole basket. Plus, I like the idea of my projects being portable. Thanks and Happy Pink Saturday.

  7. I admire your organizational skills - so pretty and so smart. I wish mine were as good.

    Happy Pink Saturday

  8. ♥´¨)
    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*´¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•´♥ HAPPY PINK SATURDAY ♥

  9. Thanks for the tip. Our oldest is moving this weekend and I'm turning his room into a guest/craft studio.

    Enjoy your day!


  10. Great ideas! Happy Pink Saturday!

  11. very pretty way to keep thing organized! Happy Pink Saturday ~ I hope you have a great weekend ~ Susan

  12. Hello and a Happy Pink Saturday; I love how you organize you things. Love the rose painted tray and shelf. You have given me some great ideas, thanks for sharing... have a great weekend.


  13. ooohhhh what a great idea. a pretty diplay and very functional too. your clever :-)

    Happy PS!


  14. hi, i am still making my rounds to wish you a happy pink saturday!!! Your blog is beautiful.

  15. Happy Pink Saturday (late) I love your idea! Neat, orderly and pretty too!

  16. Such a beautiful way to keep organized. Those trays are too pretty to be put away. Happy belated Pink Saturday..have a great week.