Friday, September 18, 2009

Pumpkins for Autumn Fun!

Pumpkins are calling my name!

Look what I found online:

Aren't these cute? And she is offering a pdf download FREE so we can all have fun with these! I picked out this material at the fat quarter sale last weekend.

I selected cinnamon and paprika tones with burgundy and plums. Some I love, some were selected for me so I had a nice balance.

This is the weekend for the Texas Quilters Online Retreat. Its our first and like many retreats, we are each working on our own projects and keeping in touch online.

As you can guess, I am making pumpkins: Only three so far but aren't they cute??

For the biggest one I enlarged the pattern to 125%. The Medium is made per the pattern and the little one is shrunk to 75%. These are perfect Table Top or Buffet top size. I can see these at 200% for a bed or to set on the floor or on the porch.

Also, if you like the look where embroider thread is pulled between the pumpkin sections, this pattern would be so easy to do that way.

Oh, and I just sewed that stem in while I was sewing the sections together. Stuff it first, lay it inside the pumpkin, sew across the top and it will look great when you turn the whole thing inside out!

I hope you hop over and get your copy, I'm making a set for my MIL and her sister and my mom. They are fast to make! I'm addicted and will probably have these little things all over the house!

One more thing...I was inspired by a pumpkin online and I reworked it a bit for embroidery, as I am making the pumpkin embroidery part of a table runner with these same fabrics.

Well, that is what I'm up to this weekend.

Hope your weekend is fresh, cool and fallish!

Have fun,

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  1. I love love love the pumpkins Melissa!!!
    How beautiful!!!