Friday, September 21, 2012

Fall Banner and Decor

I created an Autumn banner this week and had the best time!  Started with Large Tags out of heavy chipboard and used my little Silhouette cutter to cut out A U T U M N, leaves and segmented globes/balls.  I added glitter for sparkle on the leaves and tied the banner up with jute and the balls with orangey twine.

I pulled my grandmother's old treadle machine out in front of the fireplace....we are running our AC as Fall is only a HOPE in mid-September. Hubby found the leaves I cut last year to lay on the Thanksgiving buffet and table and he distributed them on the machine and arranged things.  I love when he does this, it's so 'us', 'ours' and looking back over the photos is always fun.

And, I wanted to show the banner off to my PEEPS tomorrow when the 4 of us go on a Cropping field trip.

Fall is so fun!

Enjoy your Fall!!

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