Monday, August 27, 2007

A Fun Fall Swap

My son handed me an envelope from the mail. It was THE envelope...the Embellishments Swap for use in Crazy Quilting projects. And I must admit, I felt like a kid at Christmas!

It all started when I saw this adorable Cell Phone carrier Kay made...check it out here

Isn't it pretty? I really liked the fibers she used as well as the beads and trims and traditional embroidery. Kay wanted to try some ribbon embroidery and I wanted to play with some of the fibers, so we arranged a swap.

She put each of her fibers and embellishments in little plastic bags...I on the other hand, put it all in one!

It totally was more than I imagined!

She sent White, Pink and a lovely Yellow Green fiber. Two white Lacey trims, Buttons that are shimmering white and has the holes at the top rather than the center.

There is a Coffee/Toffee/Cream fiber that will become a spider, I think...because every crazy quilt has to have a spider and a web.

There is a Purple and a Gold Tab of some kind, I will have to make a visit to my quilt shop for ideas on using will be fun.

Then there is an amazing Aqua fiber that is so gorgeous, a Royal Blue and a Lavender fiber and three or four pretty Flower Power flowers in the perfect Pink shade! I can't wait to play with all these Goodies!

Kay, thank you! You really rounded out my Stash for Crazy Quilting with Beautiful Embellishments and I appreciate it so much. Melissa


  1. Beautiful!! She sent you some lovely fibers and I loved the yo-yo's you sent Kay. I can't wait to see what you both come up with.


  2. You must show us what amazing things you make with all this! And I LOVE your pink sewing machine! How darling.

    And I have to thank you for caring and commenting today about my sister. (I posted a reply but I never know if anyone reads those) Your words meant a lot to me! Blessings... Polly

  3. Hi Melissa,
    Your blog is just lovely and I really enjoyed my visit and seeing all your pretties. Your painting is beautiful! Thank you for the warm welcome.