Wednesday, March 5, 2008

It Snowed!

It caught my son's attention first as he walked by the front door on his way upstairs. "It's snowing" he said. Mom had said we would get snow. One thing about my mom, it can be 108* and if she says it's gonna snow you need to get out the rock salt and mittens, so I wasn't surprised, though we toggled between the air conditioner and open windows the last week or two.

It does snow here...yes, Mr. Pizza delivery guy in Maryland it Does TOO snow in Texas!
The biggest snow I remember, short of the ice storm in 1980, was February 14th, 2004. It snowed all day! Not like the usual 20 minutes of snow that melts by the time you find the camera.

Which reminds me how pretty the house across the street looked that year with those huge flakes blowing across it!

This perfect little cottage has been on the market for a year at a price WELL above what it should have been. It has been a lonely house and sat empty with few showings.

Thankfully, the owners have brought the house down to market value and now it's generating interest! It was shown several times over the weekend and three times today. I am guessing there will be a contract by the end of the week. *clapping hands*

I saw an older couple view it earlier today. It is about 1800 sq ft. and would be great for a single couple.

Isn't this a nice entry? Love the niche!

To the left of the entry is a nice Family room and the dining room is to the right.

Then later this afternoon there was a family viewing it. The family was exiting the property as yet another Realtor was bringing a client to see the home.

This is the second bath, perfect for sharing with the dual lavs.

A couple new fixtures, couple new lighting bars and towel racks and it will be beautiful.

I don't know there isn't a photo of the Master Bath. The rooms are nice sized and it has a covered patio that is shielded from the hot afternoon sun.

We are hoping this sweet home will have a new family for Spring!

I hope you enjoyed the home tour. Have a blessed week and remember...Forgiving is the way to Joy and Peace.



  1. Hi Melissa,

    What beautiful snow pics.....and what big flakes!! Thanks for sharing! Thanks also for dropping by my blog! Love your page!



  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. Beautiful snow flakes over there as it is over here. That cottage in your pics looks so sweet. Does it have a good price on it? Looks like it has a lot of potential! Enjoy that snow and get yourself a wagon to paint roses on!

  3. Hello, Melissa!

    Thank you for visiting my blog tonight!

    I loved reading this entry. I am also in Texas but not much snow here! Did the house across the street sell? I LOVE looking in other people's houses. HA!