Saturday, March 8, 2008

Reuphostering and FirePlace Screen

A friend of mine downsized and gifted to me a chair of hers I'd long admired. I gave it a fresh coat of paint, distressed it a bit and then recovered it.

I wanted to go toile but some were too faded, some to crisp, others too biegey. Then I turned the corner at Hancock Fabrics and found a piece of embroidered fabric in sage and fell in love with it....I've heard all greens go together. Hopefully, I'm safe as the living rooms are all green.

There is a lot of embroidery that doesn't show through on that photo and I fell in love with all of it! It changes colors with the different light of day and night.

Here's how it turned out:

I always loved the ornate details and the curvy legs and arm area.

This is the Upper part trimmed in a slightly deeper shade of sage:

I think we will enjoy it for a long time.

This morning the neighbors were having a garage sale and Hubs and I went for a look.

There was a beautiful stained glass fireplace screen and I walked right to it. $20 was the price tag. Hmm... Then the owner came up and said, 'you can have it for ten, it is broken on the back'. She bent it forward and the glass backing had a couple of cracks in it. Then she said: 'You can have it for $5'. Hubs pulled out his billfold and handed her the cash, loaded it up and off we went.

It is light during the day and darker at night.

I am going to put packing tape across the glass cracks on the back as the front had survived the fall quite well.

It will be nice for the summer and for $5. Can't be it, woulda paid that for paint to paint those shutters I'd planned on decorating with a trail of hand painted roses.

I still might do those shutters, but they will go in the loft window instead.

We'll see.

Have a lovely Sunday,


  1. Melissa, Your chair is great! You did such a nice job on reuphostering it.

  2. Melissa,
    You did a beautiful job on that chair. I also love the details on the chair and the fabric you chose is simply gorgeous! I give it a 10!!

  3. Oh Melissa!
    It's beautiful! Well done!

  4. The chair is beautiful Melissa!!
    The fabric looks so nice on that chair!!
    Awesome work!

  5. The chair is beautiful and that fabric is so luxurious looking. You made a very wise choice.

  6. Oh Mels, I've ALWAYS wanted a Bergere Chair and your's is perfect! You did a wonderful job. When you get tired of it, ship it out to CA.

    Laurie in CA aka Estatez

  7. Melissa, your chair is lovely. You are such a talent and have a good eye for detail. Just gorgeous!
    Love it!

    La Rea Rose

  8. Your chair is gorgeous. Wonderful choice on the fabric. I love green, I find it an easy colour to live with. I didn't know that all greens go together though. Interesting.
    I also love all things stained glass and would have grabbed the firescreen too. What a bargain, especially since the price kept dropping. That's too funny.

  9. Look at how beautiful it turned out! I've never gotten the hang of reupholstering properly. Did you take a class? I haven't been by for a while but I was looking back at comments on one of my old posts and you left me such kind words. Truly made me feel better - AGAIN. Thank you. Blessings... Polly

  10. I love the material you chose for the chair. It is very gorgeous.