Monday, November 24, 2008

Lookin' Out My Back Door

I couldn't stand it anymore!

So out on the patio I went and with a couple good jerks I pulled down the Radiant Barrier that protected my window from the sun. I put the Tea Pot on and ran to the shower and when I came back in the kitchen I was greeted with my favorite sight.....The HUGE Texas sky, the trees and the colors of Fall.

The windows are open in the kitchen giving us that wonderfully cool breeze that will cool my walnut and chess pies tomorrow. I LOVE this time of year! So I grabbed the camera to share the view out the screened half of the window.

From the patio I had this view of Autumn Trail, the street running beside our home.

Over the weekend I noticed our new crepe myrtle had turned this beautiful shade of fall

Our first little summer garden failed miserably. So, I planted another. Here is our new bell pepper! Its about the size of my thumb We learned SO much this year and hope to have a full up garden next year.

Isn't it cute?

AND, we have 4 Roma tomatoes but that photo blurred badly...perhaps it would have been better to wear my glasses while snapping photos but honestly, I was just coming to the kitchen after my shower to make a cup of Tea when I was so happy to see the sky again!

Hoping you all have a lovely day!


  1. May love and joy come to you!

    Peace and love,

  2. Melsssss!!!!! I'm sooo glad you're back online. I know life was a little crazy for you as it has been for me (I'll have to fill you in sometime). Stop by Biggleswade to see the projects I've been working on (I hope to get more pics up this weekend).

    Glad to have you back!