Thursday, October 9, 2008


Is it me?
Am I just totally OLD here? I'll admit to being a little clueless.......but I don't get it.

Dominoes Pizza just sent me an email inviting me to use my cell/mobile phone to place my order via signing on to the internet and texting my order.

Now, if I wanted pizza and wanted to use my Cell/mobile/wireless (what DO we call these today?) wouldn't I just call?

Why would I punch buttons and go through doing internet online thing, punching all those buttons when I could spend half the time talking to a human....?

Especially if I'm on the way home from work or running errands. Wouldn't I just use my cell to call it in?

One day, we will get an email that says: "pizza made EZ!! Just punch 10 buttons and speak.

What am I missing here?

Ok, I will say that last time I tried to order pizza over the phone the guy couldn't speak English and therefore couldn't understand me. I tried to be nice, finally I just said 'thanks anyway' and hung up. I do order online now. Besides, I like that little ticker thing they have that shows when the pizza is made and by whom.

But use my cell/mobile/wireless? And not CALL in the order?

Hmmm...Maybe if I had a bad case of laryngitis...that is what it's for, now I get it!

My Grandmother would SO be giggling right now. She'd love this!


  1. Dominos isn't even that good anymore! And they are smaller, arent they

  2. Yes, they are smaller now. Their large used to be their medium.

    Have you had Pizza Huts new pizza? It's like CiCi's or Little Ceasar's. Ick!

  3. No, it's not just you. If you're ordering a pizza on the phone, one would think it'd be by calling. If I was going to order via the internet, it'd be on my PC.