Saturday, September 13, 2008

Pink Saturday!

I LOVE Pink Saturday! I will be looking at ALL the contributors over the weekend!

We are a bit late getting our Pink up today, life happened and had me quite distracted......Beverly @ How Sweet The Sound has a wonderful list of Pink Saturday Contributors, be sure to visit for your Pink Fix!

I was fortunate to be gifted with Vintage Windows a while back. I LOVE Vintage as much as I LOVE Pink!

Couldn't bring myself to paint over this dark green and I think it makes the perfect frame for my Cottage dream.

My grandmother inspired the painting in this pane, as I remember her love of roses and her sprawling Climbing Roses that grew up the side of her little 4-Square home.

The Central Focus lives in my heart of dreams. That one day I'll have a sweet little cottage by a stream. It will be shaded with trees and have a lovely stone path along which will be profuse blooms of sweet flowers whose scent will fragrance the softly blowing breezes.

Happy Pink Saturday to each of you!


  1. Thanks for your Pink Saturday visit! I adore that window with the green frame, very nicely done! I also enjoyed reading through your other posts. My brother is king of the frugal in some ways, then entirely foolish in others, but he doesn't see that, lol.


  2. Just a lovely lovely painting. What a nice tribute!

  3. Happy pink Saturday!
    Very pretty window.
    Blessings, Virginia

  4. The green frame fits nicely. Happy Pink Saturday!

  5. Lovely painting! I would not have changed that green either(Green and pink are my favorite color combo).

  6. Happy Pink Saturday, Melissa.

    What a beautiful piece, and it inspires your dream. Dreams are wonderful.

  7. The green is lovely and I wouldn't change it either. Your painting is beautiful. I love you dream as it sounds like mine! Happy Pink Saturday!

  8. Hello Mellisa,

    I love that painting, it is so beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing on Pink Saturday!

    Love, Ann

  9. So pretty! And the green frame is just right. : )

  10. I'm just getting around to re-connecting with everyone one in blogland. I even more behind on PS.
    I love your pink today.
    I hope all is well with you and yours. Happy Autumn!