Friday, August 29, 2008

Pink Friday

Can't play with the girls on Pink Saturday this week, darn it! Life has been happening.

So thought I'd share my Pink Friday, instead.

Rewind to: March 2006, moving furniture and jammed my big toe hard. OUCH! Swollen, probably broken, totally warped the nail, no infection, kept an eye on it. Nail grew back out after a YEAR. Wore Sandals for a Year and half. Still can't wear shoes with Toes in them. And the nail is bizarrely misshapen.

Monday, ouch, looks like an ingrown toe nail. Couldn't be, must have squished it when wearing shoes with toes in them. Living in Texas is great for sandals most days during the year, but walking outside, fooling around in the yard we need real shoes cause we have real fire ants that like to lurk, 'specially after the yard guy disrupts their tidy mound. Hubby feeds them each Saturday morning, he calls it Buffet for his Buddies.

Wednesday, it's official. There is green stuff under my nail. Red around the perimeter, call Podiatrist before red streaks appear. I knew you would want the juicy details. :) Call everywhere his name is listed on the internet. Nope, guess he went back to New Jersey. Nice guy, missed his kids, sad story, hope he is happy. Find NEW Podiatrist, Ugh!

Friday, the most Gorgeous Podiatrist I have ever seen strolled in to care for my toe! Then he smiled, holy roses this boy is my new Podiatrist? Yep, I'm in heaven. And, he is from Georgia where they raise their boys to be nice to old people. Treated me like I was his mother, so sweet. Made me want to park him on my patio with a glass of iced tea and a slice of Pecan pie.

As it was I was invited to sit on his very special chair while he put a tourniquet on my toe, stuck me with needles and used scissors on my toe. I didn't feel a thing!

That boy! You got to love a kid who can be gorgeous, smile like a GQ model, treat you sweet, and chop you up all at the same time without you even knowing it!

Can't wait to see him again next Friday!

And he wrapped me all up in Pink.


  1. Ouch! That hurts! I hope it feels better soon! Well, if you have to have a sore toe, at least you got to look at a cute doctor and now a *pink* wrap! Take care!


  2. First of all..ewwwwwwwwww!

    Second, I'm glad it feels better now and you have a pretty pink bandaid

    Third when you go back to see that doctor, remember you are a married woman and behave! LOL LOL

  3. very pretty!!!! sorry you've had such a bad time with it.

    thanks for your sweet comment too.

  4. i sure hope your toe gets much better! It's amazing how much something like a toe can affect your quality of life! Happy Pink Saturday!

  5. oh youi crack me up with the podiatrist, sounds like I'd lime him over here lo!

    that's a long time for a nail to grow back, I've lost mine soooo many times through sport but never had one take that long, that must've been a bad one


  6. OH My goodness! That has got to hurt, wow, you have been through it with that toe of yours! Glad you could look at such a yummy Doc while you were in pain, that has got to make it much, much easier.

    I hope you will heal up really fast, we don't want the fire ants to bite it, that would add insult to injury for sure...
    Donna Lynn

  7. ok I'm back with the pink toe! thanks for that katrina comment. I need people on my side. getting some anti comments. hahah! thanks again, ms. pink toe.

  8. Sorry about that toe! What a bummer! At least you got a cute little Southern gentleman for your doctor. You behave yourself. ; ) Hope the toe is much better right away.