Thursday, August 14, 2008

Serendipity and Wrap Pants

Serendipity = essentially, is what you discovered while looking for something else.

Today a friend sent an email for something I've been looking for, a way to add weather to my blog. I am fully aware it is HOT. Won't change, ever. I have, however maintained hope through these LONG Texas days that a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico, while it floods Houston and every town North, will at least bring SOME relief my way, thus the need for a weather report. That said, I clicked on the link provided by my friend and ended up finding what I have been looking for!

Wrap Pants!

About 12 years ago I met a 'free spirit', she had these pants that tied in front and in back and at the ankle and when she walked the outer leg seam opened. When she sat down, she was modestly covered. She was the size of a toothpick. Those lightweight cotton pants draped beautifully on her making her look so Summer Chic with her gorgeous Tan and Tube Top. I'm sure it wasn't because I looked like Baby Huey next to her that we somehow lost touch. Well, that and I never knew what medications she had on, yes, for her, no.

So, all these years I have wanted to make those airy pants. Then today I got that email! With a link to the pattern!

Take a look...

photo from: where they sell these fabulous sets!

My friend's very casual pants came to her ankles and tied.

Another photo...for a 'today' translation of the same basic wrap pant.

From: where LauPre also takes special orders and sells different styles. She also wrote the tutorial below.

If you are handy making things with a straight stitch machine you can whip these out quickly. My mind is running away with all the different ways these can be done!

Check out the Tutorial, visit as she was kind enough to write the Tut and I can tell you she has some really FUN items at Etsy!

Click here for the Tut.


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  1. i had a friend with those pants too, love the modern update to them, gorgeous