Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Blustery Day in North Texas

It's Windy here at the Cottage! Humid and I'm playing indoors.

Just finished my Camera Case with quilt fabric from a crazy quilt vest so I cut the 5 inch squares into strips to weave. It turned out so cute and little, like my new camera...Pinkie.

Pinkie, more formally known as Sony Cybershot, was on sale and Office Max matched Office Depot's ad for a 4 Gig Mem stick (saved $20 woot!) and Pinkie is the most delicate shade of PINK!!


takes videos! I had NO idea. My son discovered it and made a video while petting our little adopted abused Siamese mix.

Here it is with the flap open up the little camera case. Woven in one piece, no sewing!

I added a skirt of pink fiber...

Made the loom one night, then began weaving while listening to my favorite radio show. Then finished it while watching TV after dinner. It's amazing how quickly small items get finished.

Pinkie loves her new home. She is joining the Cell Phone in my Pink Purse. I may have an addiction to weaving. But that's ok, I am using up the smallest of fabrics in my craft chest as well as items cut from clothing I couldn't part with.

I have one kink to work out this weekend, then the How-To will be available.

Till then, Here is our little Jordie...


  1. I have not tried to weave. But I did use to make quilts. And embroider some crazy quilts I made. I have arthritis from surgeries now in my hands and can't do it. But I so loved it. I like your creation.

  2. Love your creation!
    I think we have the same camera, though mine is probably not a nice new one like yours, lol!
    I have a pink sony cybershot, and it is by far my favourite camera I've had! It takes awesome close ups, and yes, cool videos!
    Jordie is gorgeous! What quality setting did you take the video on? is it the higheset? I normally use the lowest or standard but maybe should use the high one ~ yours looks great :)

  3. Hi Melissa,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and your nice comments! I had another reader ask about my wallpaper and our house of 2 years already had the wallpaper up so I do not know who made the wallpaper. I have a little bit leftover and it does not have the manufacturer on it. It looks like Waverly but I am really not sure. Btw, your weaving projects are very cute! Good way to use up leftover fabric!

  4. Melissa,

    I love your creation-it's lovely! I also really like your blog!!! Thanks so much for visiting mine and leaving such sweet comments:) I look forward to visiting again!



  5. Hi Melissa,
    I like your blog and the pretty camera case. I want a pretty little pink Sony camera too.

    Thanks for leaving such nice comments on my blog!!!


  6. Oh how I love me some soft kitty tummy!
    There's is nothing softer in the whole world!

    Thank you for coming by my humble blog. I hope you come by again.

    Sweet wishes,

  7. Ohmygosh! I have a camera just like yours that needs to snuggle into one of those cases of yours. Would you make another and if so, what would you like for cost?