Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Cat Days of Summer...

No AC.

I witnessed the destruction with my own eyes while starting out the window...the fallen wires whipped unabashedly by the fan blades of that giant thing outside, then no more blustery breeze blowing out the wonderful vents in the ceiling.

The slow melting heat overtakes and continues to overtake without mercy while I attempt to locate the AC Guy's phone number. Shaking hands hold the little phone and miracles are prayed for.

All I want to hear is the word 'TODAY'.

Not 'TRY for TODAY'. Not Tomorrow.


Even the fiercest among us is compelled to roll over and play dead.

And then I hear the melodious voice on the other ends ask: Today?

Ah, that would be awesome!

It may be 98* with a heat index of 101* but I am back to pretending it is chilly outdoors.

Denial, my August 'Happy Place' is once again a reality.

I hope your 'Happy Place' is on firm ground.



  1. Hi Melissa; I sure hope that you get your AC going you poor thing,, I just love that photo of your cat,, lol just adorable... my prayers are with you.... for some cool air soon.