Sunday, January 31, 2010


We celebrated Christmas and there seemed to be a lot going on. The weather was cold, normal for most of the nation but not for Texas. It gets cold here, no question, but sustained cold for weeks is a bit unusual. We really do run our air conditioner during winter month because we have warm days in winter on and off, so, the sustained cold kept our attention.

Fires in the family room and late into the night...were amazing and beautiful. A celebration all of its own. Blankets and snugglie throws, family time and conversation were more prevalent because we enjoy having a fire in the fire place. It was great for more togetherness and teasing and laughing.

We did notice our little black cat was spending more time upstairs snuggled between the quilts I have on the railing of the loft. Upstairs is warmer and she has always been stiff as she walked. And at night Smudgey would hop up on the bed with me while I read or caught up on email. And I petted her and snuggled her beside me. She was never one to enjoy being held. Only tolerated it. So I didn't pick her up, just gave her time to sit with me and stroke her silky fur.

Then one evening, laughing and carrying on in the kitchen, we saw her going up the stairs. One step. Rest. One step. Rest. It was terribly odd and sudden. Then the next night she attempted to jump up on the kitchen table for a little TLC from her big brother, my older son who never understood why animals can't get on the table.
Well, she couldn't jump and fell back onto the floor.

I picked her up and she had lost half her weight. We were surprised and felt so guilty for not noticing sooner she was so ill.

Long story short, we took both Smudgey and 'little one' (Jordie) to be euthanized. Jordie was Smudgey's sister and was having problems controling her bladder. She had lovingly given Smudgey her spot next to me for comfort that last week...I wonder if Jordie knew Smudg was ill.

George, the part Maine Coon is all we have left. He has stayed by my side like a dog. Main Coons are like that. He doesn't seem to miss his 2 sisters at all. I thought he would be lost having no one to boss around. He has only become more spoiled.

So January marked a bit of sadness. But with so many blessings we have to let go and say good bye and remember well the sweet little cats we adopted 5 years ago.

I miss them. Am happy to have had them. I can't yet remove their photos from my blog, not yet. In time.

Beginnings and Endings are what Life is made of. Time marks our steps and we must graciously accept the Endings as we do the Beginnings.


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