Thursday, February 11, 2010

In Texas Snow is Beautiful!

I know so many people are struggling on airlines trying to get home and many more are begging for it to stop, but I just LOVE it when it snows!

It is the Ultimate Elegance, to blanket the world in sparkly white. Laying it like a blanket to cover the grass and delicately balancing the minute crystals on tree branches bare and darkened by the cold. And the sky. No blue in sight just the palest of gray and white. Who could ever even imagine white shimmering flakes falling from the sky? God did!

Of course I had to nab a few videos, narrated by moi.

From the front porch:

Of course when I open all those windows it will be only to let the light in, not raise the windows. Just as sure, however, that it snows today it could just as well have been a high of 90*. Several years back we had 90* one February afternoon and the grass fires were lighting everywhere...I much prefer the snow!

From the back patio:

Well, there is a large cuppa Spice Chai calling me...hope you are warm and happy.


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