Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Cat Days of Summer...

No AC.

I witnessed the destruction with my own eyes while starting out the window...the fallen wires whipped unabashedly by the fan blades of that giant thing outside, then no more blustery breeze blowing out the wonderful vents in the ceiling.

The slow melting heat overtakes and continues to overtake without mercy while I attempt to locate the AC Guy's phone number. Shaking hands hold the little phone and miracles are prayed for.

All I want to hear is the word 'TODAY'.

Not 'TRY for TODAY'. Not Tomorrow.


Even the fiercest among us is compelled to roll over and play dead.

And then I hear the melodious voice on the other ends ask: Today?

Ah, that would be awesome!

It may be 98* with a heat index of 101* but I am back to pretending it is chilly outdoors.

Denial, my August 'Happy Place' is once again a reality.

I hope your 'Happy Place' is on firm ground.


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Vintage Pink Cover Cook Book

The I Never Cooked Before Cook Book

It was 1963.

Modern was 'in'. Modern was NEW! Modern brought changes to the American way of life. And, along with The Sixties, LOTS of freedoms and, in the end...Lots of Men and Women were Single and Entertaining friends...

and a child or two.

Entertaining was to be Avant-Guard and Posh. And nothing like mom did it.

It was a time of change!

And a time when young (citified) ladies didn't always learn the homemaking arts from their mothers and grandmothers.

It also was a time when men were still very ignorant of kitchen skills and simply weren't expected to cook.

So it was the PERFECT time for Jo Coudert to write the book: The I Never Cooked Before Cook Book.

But wrap it in PINK?

What were the publishers thinking?

Perhaps it was a way to attract the ignorant but 'willing to learn male' while letting the female know she was on the right track.


Sure seems right for today!

The cover shows sure sign of wear with a tear or two here and there.

The INSIDE is where the meat is...pun intended...lol.

And it should be given a place of honor at the kitchen desk or any place were curious minds will take notice, because it is just that captivating.

As with all Vintage books, the nips, tucks, tears and such are expected; all the signs of a well loved book.

But I love the way the copyrights are shown and the copyright statement is amusing as well.

Remember the old Mimeograph machines? How about tape recorders?

It's a trip back through the Old Days for sure.

And yet so relevant for today.

It's a keeper, for sure.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Pink Saturday

Wooden Spools of thread found at a Flea Market in an old Train Case. I opened the case and it was full of sewing needles, a tatting hook(?) threads and the wonderful scent of Old Lady perfume.

For a flash of a second I knew that older woman. She had stuffed her beloved needle work into the train case with her perfume and some loose face powder, most likely, then carried it where life took her. Perhaps to her daughter's after a fall or to the retirement home as her life-line.

So many thoughts, situations, I hope she was happy.

Pink Thread, still wound on the spool. Many spools, small, at the ready. And embroidery thread, my favorite. The embroidery thread was marked 5 cents, the pink thread on the wooden spool is marked 19 cents and both with the assurance: 'Will Boil'.

And for 5 and 19 cents! We don't even have the cents symbol anymore! LONG before electric typewriters, main frame computers, PCs, laptops, Blackberries....Embroidery thread, not DMC, is 29 cents at my fabric store...I have SO much regular thread I have NO idea how much that might cost but a wee more than 19 cents, I would guess.

Rather takes you to a time long ago when clothes were washed with boiling water. My G-Mom had an old wringer washer, I'm sure after the water was heated on the stove (drawn first from the cistern) it was poured over the clothing in the washer and agitated.

Oh, I wish I had that wringer washer on the back porch of my little cottage!

Well, until I get the cottage I won't complain. LOL!

Special thanks to Our Sweet Pink Saturday Hostess, Beverly at How Sweet The Sound! Now run over there and indulge yourself in all things PINK!


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

And the Moral to your Reality?

Hi All!

We are approaching the Dog Dayz of Summer here in North Texas. August usually lasts forever...or so it seems. I stay inside and pretend I am snowed in from a blizzard...I'll even pull out the tea pot and make hot blueberry tea and plan Holiday decor and meals.

So I asked the Mental Health Expert, my hubby, if it's OK to live in Denial pretending I'm snowed in during August or until the weather cools.

Yes, that's fine, he says, as long as the little white dog next door isn't talking to you you're fine.

Uh oh...I say, But she is.

He looks at me with that 'I can read your mind' look and says.

Do you talk back to it?

Yes, when I am hanging the clothes on the line I do.

I think you are OK, then he adds, as long as it doesn't tell you to kill people.

Heavens No! She has never said anything like that! Gosh, I would NOT talk to her if she did, ya know?

He starts to leave the room then turns back...What does that little white dog next door say?

Nothing important,we just chat...but she did tell me I should hit the sale at the fabric store and buy all the fabrics and embroidery threads I want.

Aaah....you're fine then, nothing wrong with talking to that dog. Did you tell it you already bought lots of fabric and embroidery thread, remember last Saturday when I took you to breakfast and we walked to the fabric store?

I remember breakfast...but that was three weeks ago!

Yes, and what have you made with your new fabric and threads?


Thought so, he said.

The Gall of that man!

And then he gave me that 'Look' again.

But I have those new shelves that will look so pretty with the folded fabrics in stacks...all in the color of our decor.

Isn't that what makes going to the fabric store so much fun, he slyly inquires.

Oh, Yes! I exclaim.

Well, if you bring all that fabric home then you will eliminate a source of fun, a reason to get out of the house and then you'll feel trapped by all the projects you MUST get done to relieve yourself from all the guilt. I just don't think that is healthy for you.

But talking to the little white dog next door is?

As long as it doesn't tell you to kill people, etc, it's fine, he says as he takes my debit card out of the little woven cozy where it lives with my insurance card, driver's license and cell phone.


Moral to the story...don't tell your hard working hubby the little dog next door tells you to buy fabric! BUY the fabric FIRST, then you can BLAME it on the little white dog next door!

Can't believe I even told him what she said...