Saturday, July 5, 2008

Camera is working again!

Fixed it myself! Tested it out on my sweet George. I've been decluttering the house and stacked some fabric and magazines on the window seat...then I realized it should be covered so threw a pink towel over the fabric. Sure enough, there he was, sleeping like a baby.

He's part Maine Coon and so lovable! Every night he waits till I'm comfy and tucked in bed. Then he hops up and lays down along side me and rests his head on my arm till I go to sleep. I vaguely feel him hop out of bed.

We planted a good portion of our fall garden today! Yay!

Yes, it's small, not gonna actually feed us anytime soon but we will learn how it's done and have fun with it! Little by little we will pick the tomatoes out of the garden along with squash and then, one day salads. YUM! And it will be REAL food. The kind God put here for us. You know most of our foods today are Genetically Modified, right?

We aren't talking Hybrids like we learned in school to make plants stronger or taller, we are talking Genetically fooled around with plants. Basically, putting into the gene structure (DNA) an foreign gene, like a pesticide, and cause the plant to grow with a pesticide built right into it. Genetically modified/altered/Does-my-body-believe-it-is-real foods are being sold to us in cans and produce isles across our great land.

Hubby picked me up a watermelon slice yesterday. Had it for lunch today and was cool and yummy.

Look! No Seeds! Hmmm....guessing it is genetically modified. I found ONE black seed and a hand full of immature little white slivers. For our convenience, and their assured profits, they genetically turned off the seed maturation of this plant. You can't save the seeds to grow a watermelon with the kids just for fun. Nope. Can't.

I don't like the idea of foods being fooled around with because I wonder what repercussions are there, side effects of sorts, when foods are genetically modified.

Here's a little link to explain the difference between Hybrids and GM foods.

An explanation of sorts:

I haven't lost my love for beautiful things or decorating. I still love the Shabby Chic Romantic style I have written about, but now I understand more fully what has happened to direct me in the last few years. I didn't know it had a name, didn't know I was actually practicing it. But this entry has become long so more later...

Til then,

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