Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Gardens and Pricekeepers

The comments button is back and all is well.

This morning my hubby woke me up with wonderful news, he said he had a surprise for me. I knew what it was. I hopped right up, grabbed coffee on the way out to the patio and went right to the containers, there were several large pods opening and by this afternoon they were full up leaves! I rearranged the containers just a bit so the harsh sun wouldn't have full access to them. They are amazingly fast growers, squash I think and zuchini. We decided not to mark them as they were planted, we want it to be a surprise when they start to bear their fruit.

Here is what they looked like this morning, not the greatest photo, and I'll get another one tomorrow morning.

Ok, so maybe I am a little too excited about the sprouts but it is amazing to me that God placed within each of his creation the seed to reproduce its own kind. And he doesn't charge extra for them! You can save seeds each year and replant then and get a bountiful harvest. Basically, you buy or get a start from a gardener in your area and from then on it is yours. Small joys make life so rich.

Our new crepe myrtle started blooming last week. I'm hoping it will shade the west kitchen window one day...sooner than later we hope.

Earlier last year I received emails asking about my frugal ventures and the how-to, etc. My life took a detour and I was delayed getting some useful information out to you. My best suggestion about getting Frugal and organizing your frugal journey is simply to Know the price of items you buy.

Simple, yes, but it takes a bit of motivation to actually do it. My suggestion is get one of those small notebooks or a Palm Pilot and keep an alphabetical list.

I put letters in alphabetical order through the pages of the note book. Page one top right: A; page two, top right: B; go all the way to Z. Then go back and ask yourself what do we use/eat that goes with A? Apples, animal crackers, apple jelly, etc. Some pages may not have an entry others will get crowded.
If you are OCD in anyway, purpose in your heart that it is supposed to be sloppy. Sloppy is secret code for hard work. You can always redo it on the Palm Pilot or print it out or make tidy little pages with roses and vines. What ever floats your boat as long as it gets done!

Next time you go to the store, or you can sit down with your grocery store receipt if you prefer, and put the price beside the item. Apples .89/lb 7/08 That tells you what you just paid in July '08. Finish up the booklet and now you have your starting point. Put that booklet in your purse for now, or in your jeans pocket on the day you go shopping.

If you do this, you are in control of your money. If you don't 'they' are in control of your money. As they say: "Knowledge is Power". I would add, "Woman Up and TAKE the Power! It IS your number 1 mission!"

Next up: When Junk mail turns to Gold



  1. i just found you, love the frugal tips, I kind of collect them, we have saved sooooo much over the last 10 yrs being frugal but without, you know, being mean....we are now starting to reap the benefits, such a nice feeling


  2. Sarah, what a beautiful testament to the easy living and 'pay off' of living frugally with in reason.

    I'm so glad you dropped by!