Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Multi-Tasking....It's Frugal!

For the most part, Multi-Tasking is a Frugal use of time. Especially in the kitchen!

Tonight for dinner we are having Tuna Sandwiches and Tater Tots with a salad. So I threw some eggs on to boil and suddenly I had nothing to do. With my boys having their own apartment now the kitchen stays pretty clean, so I wasn't loading the dishwasher and tidying up. Everything that goes into Tuna for Hubby and I was in the bowl along with mustard and mayo so I thought while the eggs boiled it would be a good time to try out a recipe a wonderful friend posted to our group yesterday.

I've been cleaning out the pantry and cabinets and had three jars of peanut butter that were almost empty. Why is that? Oh well, anyway, the recipe is for Peanut Butter Cookies. Simple as can be!

One Egg
One cup sugar
One cup Peanut Butter
Yield 12 large cookies

For me that was Two eggs, etc....totally forgetting I don't have ravenous mouths that eat cookies any more. Realized that too late....lol! They've only been gone a week and a half, so I'm still getting used to doing things differently.

Whipped up the batter...

Then plopped about 8 handsful of dough on a greased cookie sheet, made the fork marks.

And, slid the cookie sheet into a preheated 350* oven for 9 mins.

Then I peeled the eggs for the tuna, chopped those up and tossed into the bowl with the other ingredients. Threw tater tots on another cookie sheet to start thawing (saves energy).

Finally the buzzer buzzed and I tasted the cookies. They are really good!!

You'll want to try this recipe. I am thinking it is so versatile!

With HALF the sugar and baked for another minute or two, these cookies could be crumbled and put on an Asian Salad.

Next time I will add 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla and a couple pinches of cinnamon to the recipe.

Well, I'll have more to say about Multi-Tasking in the kitchen a bit later. Right now, I'm off to update my blog and munch on these cookies. Look how big they are!


  1. Those cookies sound yummy, and they look beautiful on that plate surrounded by lace and roses. Such a sweet vignette!

    Thank you for your sweet comments at my blog! I am truly touched. {{hugs}}

  2. love the vignette too, and the roses, great post, hmmm i need to bake cookies!

  3. Hi Melissa..I have this recipe and I agree these cookies are delish. People are always surprised there are only three ingredients.

    Thank you for the visit and the sweet birthday wishes....I day have a happy day. I've enjoyed your blog and will be back. Hugs, Linda

  4. I love PB cookies and those look EZ and big!! I'll have to try that too....I am lovin your blog.