Saturday, July 19, 2008

Lovers to Children and Back Again

Oct. 8, 1977  was our first date.  It was a total cave-in.   

I had totally sworn off anyone with dark hair and blue eyes and decided to date anyone who asked who wasn’t off-putting.  It was SO much fun!  I was even dating my account instructor.  Was having the time of my life.

Mike had talked to me a couple times, he says, I don’t remember.  

I did think his blue eyes were amazing and the way his dark hair and lashes showed off his eyes.  that little-boy-smile....I was captivated when he introduced himself the first day of class, crazy professor insisted we do so and I was one of two females, the other being middle aged, so all the guys came to my table.  

A few weeks into the semester, he and a friend followed me and my roommate to an exhibit upstairs.  Somehow he and I ended up getting something to drink in the Student Union Building downstairs, having lost my room mate and his side kick.  Still don't know how that happened, I think it was a football distraction/maneuver to get Mary Jo (my room mate/guard dog) out of the way.  

We chatted a little bit and I am thinking ‘this guy is trouble, that hair, those eyes’.  A few minutes later he asked: “Do you want to go to the Michael Martin Murphy concert?”  I said: “Yes, I’d like to go.”  Then he said: “With me?”  And I was sitting there in the student union building, so brazen, in my Afternoon Delight tight T-shirt.  And I said: “Yes, with you.”  And he flashed that smile only a Country Boy could pull off and I was hooked.  

I told him I had just flunked my first accounting test (and I’m dating the instructor?) and he offered to help me.  Of course when he came over we didn’t even open an accounting book.  That was October 8th, 1977.

Thirty years, nine months and one week later we moved our two boys into their apartment at UNT.  

It was hard in some ways because I knew that is when a lot of marriages can get rocky if the couple doesn’t focus on common interests and it had crossed my mind. 

After getting them settled in, we left, walked down the stairs, just past some hedges he slipped his arm around me and pulled me up close to him, kissed me and said: “You wanna go see Michael Martin Murphy......with me?”  

And there was that same little boy smile and blue eyes……a little less hair.  And I knew he was telling me we were picking up right were we left off…….together.  Totally melted my heart all over again.

Those are two of the most beautiful memories I have and hold dear.


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