Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Pink Saturday!!

Little dashes of Pink sprinkled about get the day off to a good start.

A small bowl Pink depression glass with Pink and yellow packets, flowers on a tea cart topped with a Pink Rose bud and cinnamon and vanilla setting on a Vintage tip tray with lush Pink and lavender roses are a special greeting early in the morning.

Hug a Lump waits patiently while mommy has her first cup (half pot) in her Yum Pink mug.

Rich Coffee
2 drops Vanilla
3 full dashes of Cinnamon
2T Half n Half
Sweetened to taste
Stir well.

A Yummy way to start Pink Saturday!

Ah, eyes open, brain in gear...time for that second cup.

Come on George let's tell everyone Happy Pink Saturday! before we step out the patio to freshen the bird bath and listen to the sounds of the weekend.

Be sure to visit our sweet Hostess for Pink Saturday, Beverly at

Happy Pink Saturday,
Melissa...and George


  1. Lovely the pink touches. I like the pink "YUM" cup! What a cheery start to a day. :)

    Happy Pinkness! :)

  2. It's 5:20 a.m. here in West Texas amd I haven;t made my coffee yet...I am going to do it just like this. I don't have any half and half....think a dollop of whipped creme would work? Yep..I think that would work. Can't wait to try the cinn. and vanilla..never thought to do that. Will let you know how I like it..
    hugs, bj

  3. Happy Pink Saturday ~ I hope you have a great weekend ~ Susan

  4. Hello Happy Pink Saturday, thank you so much for stopping by. Love your post this week and I especially love Hug a Lump. What a sweetie! Love that mug!
    Bless you, Shirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  5. I like that recipe for a cup of coffee.

    Happy Pink Saturday and a very enjoying Memorial Day Weekend.


  6. I love the way you begin your pink saturdays, with some rich coffee, a sweet kittie and a pink Yum mug! Happy Pink Saturday and have a great Memorial Day too! Suzie

  7. Now that's the way to start your long weekend....a decadent cup of coffee shared with your best bud, surrounded with lots of PINK. Purrrrfect!


  8. I love your pink mug! Thanks for sharing the recipe. Have a wonderful Pink Saturday weekend.


  9. Such a lovely way to start the day... with a pot of that wonderful coffee....and the snuggly
    kitty waiting to be picked up. :)
    Happy Pink Saturday, have a lovely weekend.

  10. Your coffee sounds so good! I will have to try that recipe! Have a wonderful pink weekend!

  11. Well, your pink mug says it all...Yummmm..for the coffee and for all of the wonderful pink posts this week.

  12. Sounds like a great cup of java! Love the pink mug. Happy Pink Saturday.

  13. The coffee sounds yummy! Thanks for sharing your pinks today and have a terrific holiday weekend!

  14. What a l♥vely Pink Saturday blog entry. This is the one day of the week when I get to sit for a couple of hours and soak in my favorite color. Thanks for being a part of that day☺

    Wishing you and yours a wonderful family weekend. I will be remembering my father who served in WWII, and praying for all of our military who are in harms' way.

  15. Love your pink Yum mug! Happy Pink Saturday!

  16. That drink sounds delicious and the pink mug is so pretty. I hope you and George have a wonderful weekend.

  17. I have enjoyed reading your blog.

    Hope you will stop by my blog and read about little Maggie.
    This is an urgent prayer need.
    I have seen the power of prayer over and over in the blog world.

    I have a button for anyone that would like to add it to their blog.

  18. I love your kitty, George, he is so gorgeous!
    Have a wonderful weekend & a lovely Pink Saturday!

  19. Happy Belated Pink Saturday
    Thank you for your kind comments and visit. Its so nice to meet new people.
    I like your pink vignette..your yum coffee mug..and gtea pot all the other goodies.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Love your kitty

  20. Oh, if I only had some half-n-half in the house, I would have enjoyed a cup with you! I will have to try this yummy-sounding little blend later! Happy Pink Saturday, and have a wonderful week!

  21. Happy Pink Saturday, though late.... he he now that is a very Pink way to start the day. Love the pink mug.....


  22. pretty little dashes of pink. i esp love the yum pink mug.

    thanks for dropping by.

  23. What a fabulous blog you have! I love your cat under the chair-that is so adorable! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a kind comment!

    I look forward to visiting again soo!



  24. Oops-I forgot to answer your question about the table runner on the birthday tea party post. It was a gift from a dear friend and is a white organza with silk rose petals sewn around the edges:)

  25. cats and coffee: two of my favourites :)!

  26. OH...what a wonderful pink Saturday...I am so very glad I didn't miss it! :)

  27. I bet your pink yum mug makes your coffee taste more delicious. Maybe Hug a Lump could have just a little cream without the coffee. Kitties manage to make the most awkward position look cushy.
    I have pink in some form or another throughout my decorating. My greatest find was my living room couches. The perfect combination of my three favorites... pink, red and French Country.
    Sweet wishes,