Friday, May 15, 2009

This and That

It's beginning to look a lot like summer here in North Texas. The wind is still blowing but the air is thick with humidity and the sun is out. My son calls it the
Texas Crock Pot.

Speaking of my son. *deleted massive writing about how smart and cute he is*

So this morning I run to Starbucks with his little brother, I know not very thrifty but we were out of creamer, anyway, I messaged him that it was in the microwave...I added that I was a sweet wonderful mommy. And I am. Cause, you see, Schlotsky's is making their Cheese soup just for me today, the manager promised, and I need my Schlotsky's fix.

So I knew if I was really nice I could get him to grab me a Schlotsky's on the way home...and I want him to clean out my Expedition because he and his brother have trashed it.

Our conversation went like this:

At least I'll have Schlotsky's today.

So I am busy here in the Dining Room Studio playing with the Pinkies and the iron.

Then I notice this nasty stuff on my teeny ironing board (a book without the cover).


I expect the brown because my iron is HOT but the black?? Where is that coming from?

Carefully I finish ironing my projects. Start another one and notice the wires on my Sewing Pinkie feel very rough; really really rough. Reminds me of when we had the rabbit...and he chewed on wires. No rabbit...hmmm.

Finish that project, then it hits me, the hot iron can't touch wires next to the mini ironing station.


*smacking forehead*

Now I know.

One of the Office Assistants that supervise my work is George. He is there to make sure I have accomplished the hugs and scratches for the Office Assistants, him first or course.

Apparently I was falling behind so he put his paws on my leg and I caught him with the flash, poor fella.

He is taller than my dining room table, my chair sits so high I can barely get my legs under the table. When he wants to see whats happening up here, he curls those huge paws over the side of the table like a two-year old and has a look-see.

I adore this cat. He is so huge and such a Hug a Lump. He has these big Alien Look eyes (part Maine Coon) and he purrs and cuddles up to me at night till I fall asleep.

How could I possibly miss my quota of the day in handing out hugs. Well, this is about which he has come to inquire, before the flash interfered.

And ya know what? After waiting all week, no cheese soup at my Schlotsky's. They'll have some next week. Grrr...

So off to Sonic for a Route44 Diet cherry limeade and cheddar peppers!

I know, I know, not so frugal...adding onion rings to that since I am being bad anyway.

See you tomorrow for Pink Saturday!

Warm Texas hugs,

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