Tuesday, May 19, 2009

~Sweet Spring Camera Cozy~

Designing patterns, Testing patterns, Playing with my Pinkies (Camera and Sewing Machine), Weaving (my newest addiction), a wonderful trip to the Quilt Shoppe...YAY...has kept me busy and having lots of fun!

Let me show you what a customer ordered for her little Sony Cybershot.

Two of the fabrics used have metallics in them and catch the light and sparkle. Don't you just love sparkly things? And, I added a little white fiber skirt and a faint glimmer of white shimmer Blanket stitch just off the cover flap...might show better in this photo:

Yes, now you can see more of the sparkle in the pink fabric as well as the sparkle in the blanket stitch.

And to add just enough weight to keep the Cozy closed, two Vintage prisms dangle off the front.

These are fun to make!

Have a great week,

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